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Learn more about T1GER scripts, follow installation guides or troubleshoot a script.


We provide an extensive array of premium-quality resources for FiveM, catering to both legal and illicit requirements. We are committed to developing unique assets that elevate the role-playing experience in a truly immersive way.

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We are proud to say that we have established a well-known name and a positive reputation within the FiveM Community. We have existed for a few years now and have 8.000+ members and thousands of satisfied customers with hundreds of positive reviews.


Read very carefully. Do not promote or engage in unauthorized use/distribution. We have a zero-tolerance on this.

Unauthorized use or distribution ("leaking") of T1GER Scripts, paid and free scripts, is strictly prohibited.

If you or your server is engaging in unauthorized use or distribution of our resources, the following will happen:

  • Your account/email will be banned from T1GER Scripts website.

  • Your Discord will be banned from T1GER Scripts Discord.

  • No refunds for revoked assets will be issued under any circumstances .

To sum up, leaking is basically stealing. We put lots of hours to provide unique resources for the FiveM Community. Instead of spending time on people engaging in unauthorized use/distribution, we'd love to spend time creating new resources and/or providing support.


To be eligible for support, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • T1GER Scripts Customer & authorized on our discord with roles.

  • Confirmed developer of a customer (customer must confirm the developer)

We reserve the right to not offer support if the (non)-customer is not following our guidelines and/or not behaving properly towards community or staff members.

This is what our support can offer you:

  • Documentation

    • We provide you a detailed documentation for every resource, including an installation-guide.

    • Use our documentation as reference for installation, issues/errors and information-seeking.

  • Remote Services

    • Due to numerous liability issues, we do not offer support using remote services (TeamViewer, AnyDesk etc.).

  • Installation

    • We do not install resources for you - our documentation and installation-guide should help you through it.

    • If you are struggling to install a resource with the provided documentation & installation-guide, our support may guide you through the installation.

  • Resource Issues & Errors

    • If your encountered error/issue is not addressed in the documentation, then please open an appropriate ticket on our discord and our support will assist you.

    • Please note; some errors/bugs/issues may require bigger updates, therefore instant-fixes will not always be possible.

  • Customization

    • We provide the resource as-is. If you customize it, please do not expect us to provide support with it.

    • We do not offer custom edits/features. If you want to customize it, you can suggest is as a feature on our discord, hire a developer or do it yourself.

  • Other content

    • We do not offer support for resources which is not related to our resources.

    • We cannot modify/access other paid resources.

  • Communication

    • All communication in terms of support is done in English.

All support is handled on our official Discord. Before contacting our support:

  • Please go through the documentation and installation-guide.

  • Keep in mind that our resources are running on lots of servers. The most likely issues are resource installation or configuration and not an actual bug/error.

  • Our support-team is here to to attempt to resolve your issues, so please refrain from arguing with them and behave yourself.

  • Try to google your issue. FiveM has a large community where people tend to help out each other.

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