T1GER Tuning System

Documentation, troubleshooting and support for T1GER Tuning System resource

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Chat Commands

Please note, all these command strings are configurable and can be disabled as well.



Open the admin mechanic menu.


Open the player mechanic menu.


These are available exports in the resource - use them as you please and find necessary.


These are optional events that you may need to use from other resources to add compatibility.


Common Issues

Before we proceed, please ensure the following:

  1. Resource folder of the package is named: t1ger_tuningsystem.

  2. You have not touched nor edited files inside t1ger_tuningsystem/escrow/.

  3. You have not made any custom changes.

TITLE Question/Issue

✔️ Solution/Answer/Instruction

Error Codes

If you getting an error code in your server- or client-console, then please find the error-code from below and fix your issue with the provided instructions.

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