Resource installation guide and dependencies







Framework, inventory, target and etc.


Context menu, notification etc.

1 - Start

  1. Download your resource from FiveM's Keymaster.

  2. Unzip folder and place it into your resource folder.

  3. Add ensure t1ger_gangsystem to your server start config. Make sure to place anywhere below the framework and dependencies resources.

2 - SQL

Please open main.sql and execute the queries into your database or import the SQL file directly into your database.

3 - Items

Make sure to update t1ger_gangsystem/config.lua with the respective item names, so that the resource knows what items to use.

You can quickly search for requiredItem inside the config.lua to find the item entries.

If you already have the items below or have similar items, you can skip the installation for items, just make sure to update config.lua with your item names.


  1. Open your database and find the items table.

  2. Run the following query to insert items into your table:

INSERT IGNORE INTO `items` (`name`, `label`) VALUES
('zipties', 'Zip Ties'), -- required item to zip tie target.
('headbag', 'Headbag'), -- required item to put headbag on target.
('cutter', 'Cutter'); -- useable item to cut zip-ties from target.

QB Core

  1. Navigate to qb-core/shared/items.lua and open up the file.

  2. Insert the following items into this file:

Items for qb-core/shared/items.lua
['zipties'] 				 = {['name'] = 'zipties', 			  	  	['label'] = 'Zip Ties', 			['weight'] = 1, 		['type'] = 'item', 		['image'] = 'zipties.png', 			['unique'] = false, 	['useable'] = false, 	['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Required for zip tie hands.'},
['headbag'] 				 = {['name'] = 'headbag', 			  	  	['label'] = 'Headbag', 			        ['weight'] = 1, 		['type'] = 'item', 		['image'] = 'headbag.png', 			['unique'] = false, 	['useable'] = false, 	['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Required to put headbag on a target player.'},
['cutter'] 				 = {['name'] = 'cutter', 			  	  	['label'] = 'Cutter', 			        ['weight'] = 1, 		['type'] = 'item', 		['image'] = 'cutter.png', 			['unique'] = false, 	['useable'] = true, 	['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Useable item to cut zip-ties from a target player.'},

4 - Configuration

You must go through all configurable options & settings in config.lua and configure them to your server's preferences.

Also please read the comments at the end of each line, for a brief information on what the option does.

5 - Ensure Dependencies

The required dependencies for this resource can be seen in Dependencies.

Make sure to start/ensure these dependencies in your server start config before T1GER Gang System.

6 - Ready

Congratulations, you've successfully installed the resource. Restart the server and you will be all set.

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