Gang Garages

Instructions on using the built-in gang garages

The resource offers built-in garage system for gang-members to use or you can use your own garage system.


  1. Navigate to t1ger_gangsystem/config.lua.

  2. Find the table/option called GangMarkers.

  3. Go through and set the config options to your preferences (read the end-line text comments).

  4. Set useBuiltInGarage = true if you want to use the built in system or set to false and use your own garage system.

Built In Garage

If you do not have any experience with FiveM/LUA coding, please do not engage in this. Seek help from experienced developers.

The built-in-garage is a very basic garage system that allows:

  • Getting all player owned vehicles and spawn the selected one.

  • Store the current vehicle player is using.

Get Player Vehicles

You may find it necessary to customize the built-in garage to fetch vehicles based on a few criteria such as stored/parked state and so on.

  1. Navigate to t1ger_gangsystem/client/main.lua.

  2. Find the event named:

  3. vehicle.plate -- plate of the vehicle
    vehicle.props -- vehicle properties
    vehicle.type -- vehicle type
    vehicle.job -- vehicle job
    vehicle.stored -- vehicle stored/state/parked state
    vehicle.garage -- garage of the vehicle
    vehicle.impound -- is vehicle in impound
    vehicle.sezied -- is vehicle seized?
    vehicle.model -- vehicle model -- vehicle name
    vehicle.category -- vehicle category
    vehicle.fuel -- fuel level of vehicle
    vehicle.egine -- engine level of vehicle
    vehicle.body -- body level of vehicle
  4. Now inside the code for the event you can add checks. The checks have to be added as an if statement before the table.insert() function is called.

  5. See my commented-out example inside the event ( is a unique name created for each gang garage and you can use this for garage-specific systems).

Update Owned Vehicle

You may find it necessary to customize the event for updating a specific owned vehicle when the respective vehicle is either spawned from a garage or stored in a garage.

The name of the TriggerServerEvent for updating owned vehicle:

There are two entries of those in this resource. Navigate to: t1ger_gangsystem/client/main.lua.

The first looks like this:

Storing a vehicle into a gang garage:
TriggerServerEvent('t1ger_lib:updateOwnedVehicle', true,, props)
-- true is the stored state, in this case vehicle is being stored into a garage.
-- (is the unique garage name of the gang).
-- props is the vehicle properties.

The second entry looks like this:

Spawning a vehicle from a gang garage:
TriggerServerEvent('t1ger_lib:updateOwnedVehicle', false, nil, props)
-- false is the stored state, in this case vehicle is being såawned from the garage.
-- nil (garage), vehicle is no longer in any specific garage.
-- props is the vehicle properties.

You can change the nil value to if you want to keep the garage of the vehicle when spawning it but logically it makes no sense. When vehicle is spawned the attached garage should be set to nil.

If your garage system / table column for stored/state/parked uses other value than a boolean, let's say an INT. Then update the true/false parameter in the TriggerServerEvent to an INT or whatever value it may be.

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