Instruction and guide on how to setup garage for T1GER resources


T1GER Resources supports compatibility with popular garage systems. We plan on adding "out-the-box" compatibility with more garage systems as they are being proposed to us.

You can also use the 'custom' option and integrate your own exports/function for whatever custom garage you may have.


Config.Garage = 'default' -- Set the garage system

Specifies the garage system in use. Update this based on your selected garage system.


All you need to do is basically set your garage system in Config.Garage and you are all set.

If you are not using any of the preconfigured garage system, set the option to 'custom'.

  • Please note that you have to integrate exports/functions yourself! It's not our job to support for 3rd party garage systems.

  • We strongly recommend to reach out to your garage creator to ask them to help you integrate their resource.

  • You can suggest compatibility on our discord and we might reach out to the creator of said garage system to possibly add preconfigured support.


These are the functions used in our T1GER resources.

...To Be Continued. W.I.P.

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