FiveM Asset Escrow

Guide to use resources utilizing FiveM Asset Escrow and getting roles on discord.


You can find all your purchased resources on FiveM's KeyMaster:


Your packages are instantly authorized upon purchase automatically. No further action is required.

This is of course assuming you understand how the FiveM asset escrow works. Please read here for more information: FAQ


When purchasing a package from your Tebex Store you should automatically receive discord roles for the respective package.

If you are not a member of our Discord, then make sure to join and then head to #commands channel and type /claim to receive your package roles. If this doesn't work, then please open an authentication ticket on our discord and read the introductory message. You need to provide:

  • CFX Username

  • Email

  • Tebex Transaction ID

If you are an existing customer and haven't purchased through Tebex, then please open a ticket on our discord and provide same details, but instead of Tebex Transaction ID, send us an image of your order including order# and purchased resource(s).


Are you having issues with FiveM Asset Escrow? Maybe your purchase resource is not there? Or maybe your console spits an error? Don't worry, FiveM got you covered with frequently asked questions that most likely will resolve your issue:

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