Guide & instructions on markers. What they do, how to use and create them.

The system offers 7 types of marker classes, each have their own functionality. You can read more about them on the sub-pages or by clicking on the hot-links below.


In this option you can enable/disable markers entirely. You can configure blips, interact titles/strings, keybind, draw distances, textUi, colors, styles and much more. Read more about each config option in the sub-pages for the marker class in question.

Do not edit the string id, such as: 'workbench' to 'crafting'.


Set the default color of the RGBA in the marker creator/editor menu. Admins can adjust the RGBA color in-game when creating or editing markers.

Marker Creation

Instructions on how to create a marker.

The marker will be created on the exact position where the player stands. Select a class for the marker, then give it an appropriate name, configure the marker type, color and settings and finally decide whether a blip should be created.

Please note, that you can create multiple markers for each class. So if you want more storages, you can create more of those markers.

Marker Management

You can rename the marker, edit the marker and blip settings. And for storage markers, you can also configure the stash/storage slot & weight amounts. When hitting CONFIRM it will recreate the marker on the new position where the player stands. So if you want to move your garage marker from one spot to another spot, you don't need to delete it, you can simply edit from the new position and hit confirm to move it.


Enable or disable the feature for admins to teleport to markers.


Enable or disable the feature for admins to edit markers.

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