Breakdown on the duty marker, config options and so on.

A simple marker to toggle duty. When clocking off-duty it will set the player's job to unemployed. When clocking on-duty it will look up whether the player is an employee (hired) in the shop and if so, the appropriate job and grade (registered in the database) will be applied.

The script will auto-read the current duty state of the player.



Set to false to completely disable the duty marker. Admins in-game will not be able to create this marker.


  • title: title in ox_lib context menu

  • keybind: to open menu, default 38 (E)

  • dist: distance for keybind to work

  • drawDist: distance for marker to draw or being visible

  • textUi: string to display in the ox_lib textUi pop-up

  • icon: font-awesome icon to display in the textUi

  • style: configure the style of the textUi


Configure the blip settings of the duty marker.

In the marker creation or mangement you can choose to enable or disable the blip.

  • sprite: set the default blip sprite, see blip sprite ids here

  • display: set the default blip behavior, see blip behaviours here

  • scale: set the default size of the blip on the map.

  • color: set the default blip color, see blip color ids here


if true, the duty marker will always be visible for hired players in the shop, even though they've taken another job such as taxi, unemployed etc.

If false, this duty marker disappears as soon as the employee goes off-duty or switches job.

Please note, if setting to false; you need an admin to give back their job or a multijob script that saves the player's job.

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