Breakdown on the garage marker, config options and so on.

Placing a garage marker will allow the employees to store or get their personal owned vehicles. You can use the built-in garage menu using ox_lib interface or you can implement your custom functions to open your own garage menu.



Set to false to completely disable the boss marker. Admins in-game will not be able to create this marker.


  • title: title in ox_lib context menu

  • keybind: to open menu, default 38 (E)

  • dist: distance for keybind to work

  • drawDist: distance for marker to draw or being visible

  • textUi: string to display in the ox_lib textUi pop-up

  • icon: font-awesome icon to display in the textUi

  • style: configure the style of the textUi


Configure the blip settings of the duty marker.

In the marker creation or mangement you can choose to enable or disable the blip.

  • sprite: set the default blip sprite, see blip sprite ids here

  • display: set the default blip behavior, see blip behaviours here

  • scale: set the default size of the blip on the map.

  • color: set the default blip color, see blip color ids here


if set to false, you need to add your own functions/export to open your own garage menu. Else if true, the script will use my built in system to fetch your vehicles or store your vehicles, using ox_lib menu interface.

Make sure you have updated your garage settings in t1ger_lib/config.lua:

If your garage system isn't supported by t1ger_lib, make sure you update the t1ger_lib to add support for it.

How to add your own export/function

Find the function named: OpenGarageMenu in t1ger_tuningsystem/client/menu and navigate to the bottom of the function where you'll see a comment.

Add your own export/function in there, below the comment "add function for your garage here:" to open a garage menu. Remember, not all custom garage system supports opening a garage like this, so please check with the developer/creator of your resource.

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