Breakdown on the storage marker, config options and so on.

You can place as many storage markers as you like.

Make sure you navigate to t1ger_lib/config.lua and set your correct inventory. The system supports these inventories:

If using ESX and not any custom inventories, there is menu-based inventory for all created storage markers, with withdraw/deposit options.

If your inventory isn't supported, don't worry. The T1GER Library resource is fully open-source and you can easily integrate your inventory stash functions. You could also suggest it in our official Discord and we can consider adding support for it.



Set to false to completely disable the boss marker. Admins in-game will not be able to create this marker.


  • title: title in ox_lib context menu

  • keybind: to open menu, default 38 (E)

  • dist: distance for keybind to work

  • drawDist: distance for marker to draw or being visible

  • textUi: string to display in the ox_lib textUi pop-up

  • icon: font-awesome icon to display in the textUi

  • style: configure the style of the textUi


Configure the blip settings of the duty marker.

In the marker creation or mangement you can choose to enable or disable the blip.

  • sprite: set the default blip sprite, see blip sprite ids here

  • display: set the default blip behavior, see blip behaviours here

  • scale: set the default size of the blip on the map.

  • color: set the default blip color, see blip color ids here


  • slots: set the default amount of slots for the created stash

  • weight: set the default amount of weight for the created stash

  • maxSlots: set max allowed slots (used when editing/managing storage marker)

  • maxWeight: set max allowed weight (used when editing/managing storage marker)

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