Shop Creation & Management

Guide & instructions on shop creation.


To create a shop in-game, you must use the 'tuner-admin-menu', which can be accessed the following ways:

Command: admintuner Hotkey: F10

if you can't open the admin menu, even though you are admin - then make sure you have configured Config.AcePermission in t1ger_lib/config.lua

Create Shop

Shop Name

Give your shop a nice name, for example: T1GER Tuner Shop or Los Santos Customs

Job Name

This is the job name used for the shop. Make sure it's lowercase characters, no special characters and no spaces. You can use existing jobs from your server, simply just enter the correct job name. Examples of job names: t1gertuner, mechanic, lscustom, tuner.

Job Label

Give your created job a label, for example: T1GER Tuner, LS Tuner, Custom Tuner and so on. Keep in mind, if you've entered an existing job in #Job Name, then the script will auto-read the job label from that job.

If you are using qb-core and you feel like your created jobs aren't syncing properly with 3rd-party resources (phones, doorlocks and etc.), then refer to 6 - (Automatic) Job Creation for a workaround solution.

Account Start Balance

You can give the tuner shop some money to start off with, simply enter the amount in this field.

Select Mod Categories

You can restrict what categories this shop has access to by selecting from the drop-down menu. Simply select all categories to give them access to all categories. This allows to create wheels only shop, respray only shops and so on.

Enable Blip

Check the field to either enable/disable a blip for this shop. Maybe you want to create a secret tuner shop on the map?

Blip Sprite

Set the sprite of the blip in this field. Use this link as reference for blip sprite ids:

Blip Color

Set the color of the blip in this field. Use this link as reference for blip color ids:

Manage Shop

In order to manage shops there must be shops to manage. If you haven't learned or created any shops, please refer to Create Shop. You can manage shop in the same tuning-admin-menu, and click on view tuner shops.

Once you've clicked on a shop to manage, you should see a menu like this:

Set Boss

This sub-menu allows to set a boss to a newly created shop, replace a boss with a new boss or just remove the boss.

Set Account Balance

You can update the shop's account balance with this option.

Set Mod Categories

If the shop needs access to more mod categories or need some taken away, this is the option to use!

Marker Management

With this option you can manage markers, create, delete and/or edit them.

Delete Shop

This option is used to delete the shop entirely from the server.


A brief explanations of the shop creator config options, found in t1ger_tuningsystem/shared/config.lua.


If this option is set to true, it will use Society Account (click for setup/guide) or if set to false, it will use the built-in custom column for account management.


You can set the default values for the blip setting in this option. If input is set to true, the admins can select custom Blip Sprite and Blip Color and if the input is set to false, it will just read the config settings.


This config table sets the default grades for each created job during the shop creation. You edit the current grades, add or remove grades. Just make sure the last grade (boss grade) has the isboss = true parameter.

If you are using an existing job from your ESX.Jobs or qb-core/shared/jobs.lua during the shop creation, the script will automatically read the job grades from ESX/QB object and ignore the config table.

DefaultDuty (QB Core)

This is a setting for qb-core only!

OffDutyPay (QB Core)

This is a setting for qb-core only! Allow salary from QB when being off-duty.

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